It's hot in South Georgia in late May.  Hot and muggy.  Everybody with any good sense heads to the beach or the lake or the river or the pool or the pond or the backyard sprinkler as often as possible this time of year.   Because while we may not *technically* be living in a swamp, we are most certainly swamp-adjacent.  It's not the heat, you see… it's the humidity.   No point sweating, because the very air is so saturated, it has no need to wick away any moisture your skin might try to produce to cool your body off.  This kind of weather calls for a different pace of life.  Long, lazy summer days are a way of life down here.  Shady porch-swing sittin' really is a thing, and it's easy to find whole neighborhoods gathered at the house that has the pool in the backyard.  
     With a long, hot Summer bearing down on us, we are looking to the bayou and beyond for great new hot-weather tastes.  Our favorite creation so far has been our fun play on gator nuggets that you may have experienced at any number of redneck carnivals growing up.  
But instead of the shoe leather, over-fried gator nuggets you may have tried before, we've experimented and found ways to elevate the humble Gator Nugget! 
     We start with wild-caught Louisiana gator, which lends a much more meaty taste than your typical farm-raised "tastes just like chicken" alligator.  Tenderized & brined to bring out the tender possibilities of the meat, we then carve the gator meat into nice bite-sized chunks, and dredge them in our tasty, simple breading.  A quick toss in the fryer, and they are ready to join our bayou remoulade & local cabbage slaw. 
Gen ou ale! Yon plat été bon gou! 

… We're musing over the idea of a gator po boy next time we get our hands on some good gator… Hrmmm….