Recently, we struck up a friendship with one of the most interesting fellas we've ever met.  He's a self-described "Backwoods Hermit Hick,"  but what he really offers is a deep & ever- growing understanding of native, wild foods.   His wife is equally an expert in wild and heirloom foods, as a 2nd generation forager and farmer.  Together, they are forging a homestead lifestyle, working towards sustainable living for themselves and their sweet little daughter.  
This week, we bought from them these bright, fresh, beautiful chanterelles to compliment our featured entree; 28-day Dry Aged 12-oz Ribeye with sautéed Local Chanterelles & roasted Red Potatoes. 
We hope to keep working with and learning from them, and maybe even try our hand at growing a few our own native, heirloom crops. (But not chanterelles, because poetically, chanterelles are almost impossible to cultivate!)