Know what gifts Moms really love?  
Kisses, little smudged paintings, lazy day snuggles, phone calls, uncontrollable giggles, fingerprints on windows, sitting in sunny stands watching their little athletes working hard, throwing flowers on stage for their budding thespians, taking too many photographs on vacations, outstretched arms from toddlers, sleepy smiles from newborns, great big hugs from great, big kids, happy tears when they watch their baby graduating, mother-son dances, kissing boo-boos, tying ribbons on tiny ponytails, kissing sleeping kids in the middle of the night, and hearing "I love you, Mom."

Yeah, being a Mom is it's own reward.  But we'd love to help you celebrate the great Moms in your life.
(Moms also love happy family suppers too, after all!)  
This weekend, pick up a gift certificate, a good Square meal to-go, or bring the loveliest ladies in your life on in to the restaurant for a great meal… and be sure to tell her that we'll handle the dishes! 

Happy Mother's Day! 
-Carrie "The Square Mama" Viohl 

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