When we started The Square, I said to Phil, "I want to be able to actually eat here at this restaurant, Mister!"  I said that because as a vegetarian, going out to eat can be a real trial.  Between menu items that hide meat, wait-staff that don't know the ingredients of food items, and "salad" as the lone vegetarian option, I often end up just having the bread, or if I am lucky, a soup du jour.

So, The Square's menu is a little bit sneaky... we have several items on there for almost every dietary concern.  Looking for gluten-free options?  We gotcha.  Can't have dairy? No problem!  Don't want to eat meat?  You don't have to!  
Some of our "sneaky" vegetarian options are our boiled peanut hummus, fried green tomatoes, deviled eggs, hoppin' john, black bean-quinoa burger, roasted tomato bisque, and yes, our build-a-salad option.
Our "sneaky" gluten free options include: Ahi tuna over quinoa, fresh-caught salmon, our local new york strip steak with farmhouse mashed potatoes, and even our not-yo-mama's meatloaf, which we make with oats instead of bread crumbs.

Since our kitchen makes nearly everything from whole, raw ingredients, and we work from recipes that we created in-house, it is easy for our wait staff to help you select menu items that work within your unique dietary needs... no need to settle for a side salad and crackers.

PS: ...Because Phillip (the mister) basically survives on rare meats and craft brews, it should be said we also have LOTS of great options for meat & gluten & dairy eaters, too!