Our regulars know that we are sneaky, sneaky, sneaky... and we have treasures hiding in the menu that only a few folks discover.  Want to order like a regular?  Here are few supper hacks that you can can order tonight!

  • Add a scoop of our Gumbo to the Farmhouse Mashed Potatoes.  This is how Phillip ALWAYS has our "Farmhouse Mash,"  and he loves it. In fact, if you try to steal a bite of his "Gumbo Mash," you might get your fingers smacked,
  • Order your burger "Miley Cyrus" style to make any burger into a low-carb option.  (Psst... Miley Cyrus = No Buns!
  • "Pimp" your cheeseboard.  You can sub a cheese selection for a scoop of our smoky pimento cheese!  Why not pair a fine French triple crème and a beautiful raw cow's milk cheese from Italy with a Southern classic? It's a delicious deviation!
  • Freestyle your side salad.  Our main entrees all come with a simple side salad, and you can take your side salad to the next level by ordering *any* of the topping options from the Build-Your-Square-Salad menu to go on your side salad!  Suddenly, your side salad might take center stage!
  • Forego the mains completely and mix-n-match the small plates to invent your own main course! Want hot fried green tomatoes topped with pimento cheese?  Nobody's stopping you! Order away!
  • Surf-N-Anything!  Love our wild-caught Ga Shrimp?  We do, too!  You can add those sweet shrimp to anything on the menu!  Anybody feel like a New York Strip with wild-caught shrimp tonight?

We love our regulars, and they are always finding new ways to reimagine our dishes!  Come on in tonight and impress your family... order from the "secret menu!"