It's a quiet day in Downtown Moultrie.   The flags are flying at half-mast, a few are kids playing on the courthouse lawn. Most of our fellow businesses are closed, so parking spaces are vacant on every block.  The stray cars that drive by seem to be in no hurry. Even the wind is calm… just a gentle breeze blowing the flags and the trees and the handful of white clouds from time to time.  

This peaceful, beautiful day in our pretty little town was made possible, in part, by the sacrifices of generations of brave men & women who selflessly gave their lives so that we can enjoy all that we so easily take for granted.  We are a uniquely blessed nation, our citizens imbued with a freedom rare within the history of all humankind.

Today is a day to remember that all of the privilege and peace we were blessed to be born with was not earned without incredible sacrifice.