We are just SO excited to welcome one of our very favorite musical artists to play here at The Square this month!  Maggie Koerner is an extremely talented singer/songwriter that we discovered in 2013, when we were renovating this old building here in Downtown Moultrie, Ga.

She has a soulful, bluesy sound, with killer lyrics, and a decidedly funky N'awlins edge.  

We had her music on continuous play during many long hours of swinging hammers and sanding floors, so it's especially poetic that she will be here live in our restaurant on the evening of April 18th, 2015!  

She will be playing outdoors for an earlier show as a part of Downtown Moultrie, Ga's annual Spring Fling festival, then moving it into The Square for a more intimate acoustic set that evening. As a gift to every one here in South Georgia, there will be no entry fee for this live music concert, but the seating will be limited, so it will be a first come, first served kind of deal! 

Call 229.985.2525 or visit us for supper in Downtown Moultrie, Ga here at 251st Street SE Moultrie, Ga 31768