Last month, we had a bunch of extra help... in the form of 21 future chefs who visited us at The Square in Downtown Moultrie!  The VLPRA  "Kids Kitchen" day campers spent the whole morning with us, prepping, cooking, plating, setting tables, pouring, food, and most importantly, eating!   (And washing their hands.  They learned that people in kitchens have to wash their hands A LOT!)  
From the first moment we met these kids, we knew it was going to be a fun & exciting day.  What we never could have guessed was that these kids turned out to be eager learners, hard workers, and excellent cooks-in-training.  
It was fantastic to see such curiosity and enthusiasm about handcrafted foods, where their foods come from, and how much work goes into every dish.   (We hope they all went and hugged their own personal parental chefs when they got home!)