It's become a tradition that during our breaks, we take that time to check in on our numbers, look at the menu we have, and make tweaks to try to get ever closer to the menu that will make our diners happiest.  This Summer, we took one week off and spent a lot of time talking about the great feedback that we've heard over the past few months.  This time around, the changes were pretty small… mostly just adding back a few crowd favorites: Roasted Spaghetti Squash & our ever-popular Lemon Charred Green Beans.  We also did a little switcheroo with the BLT panini, incorporating our beloved fried green tomatoes and our bayou remoulade for a fun, down-South play on the classic BLT. 

The main difference is inspired by our wine night tradition of pairing up dishes with great drinks that compliment them perfectly.  So now, the "Mains" section has built-in drink pairings.  No more guessing at what might work with a particular dish. These are tried-and-true combos will enhance your dining experience, and having you ordering like a pro! Check out our updated menu below, or better yet: join us for supper tonight!  We're located at 25 1st Street SE in Downtown Moultrie, Georgia.  For reservations, or to order a good Square meal to-go, just call 229.985.2525.