When we opened in 2013, our Dark Chocolate Espresso Brownies were a HUGE dessert hit. They are made-from-scratch, with a rich flavor and decadent texture, and they are served warm from the oven with a classic vanilla icecream... delivered to the table with up to 4 spoons, because they are a lot of dessert for just one person to eat alone!  In fact, they have been so popular that we decided to just go ahead and make it The Square Restaurant's "official" dessert; and they are still available every night that we're open. (And they are still DELICIOUS!)

But then, we discovered a magical secret talent: that owner Phillip Viohl has a natural knack for making incredibly silky smooth, velvety thick crème brûlées!   The truth is that crème brûlée are a simple, classic dessert, naturally gluten-free with only 3-5 ingredients.  They just take a LOT of patience, constant diligence, and that "sixth sense" that tells him when they are perfectly done. And Phil's got it.

After they are blended, baked, carefully chilled, and set up, then the real fun begins!  Crème brûlée literally means "burnt cream," so we actually bring the fire show to the table, firing the crème brûlées table-side, filling the dining room with the fantastic scent of caramelizing raw sugar! Wait a few seconds for the sugar to turn to a lacie  It's a fun way to end a supper, and it's a dessert that is big enough to share with the table as well.  Almost every time we feature crème brûlée, someone tells us that they are the best they have ever had.

Folks often comment on our unusual crème brûlée cups.  Carrie's Mom and Dad are true American Pickers, traveling the country constantly looking for treasures.  When they found a huge lot of vintage Fire King mugs, we knew that we our perfect containers for crème brûlée deliciousness. (Thanks, ya'll!) Tried and true, the mugs stand up beautifully to the heat of the oven, and to the fire applied to the custard seconds before serving.

Tonight, Phillip is making most crowd-pleasing Crème brûlée recipe, his Fresh Brewed Espresso Vanilla Crème Brûlée. Ya'll come on in and share one with some folks you like a lot!