Change is Good at The Square 

Last week, we launched a new version of the menu, and folks seem to be loving the customizable salad option! Already, we're amazed and impressed by the creative combinations that our diners have come up with! 
The updated Not-Yo-Mama's meatloaf has been very popular as well.  All of the changes on the menu came directly from our diners, so please keep your great feedback coming! 


A new dining experience coming soon at The Square...

As we approach our 18th month here in this space, we are making big & little changes to make your dining experience here even more enjoyable! 
The first change we are making will be to install light-reducing shades for the front windows. No more squinting if you are an early bird diner!  Our hope is that the blinds will make The Square feel more cozy and comfortable for those dining when the sun is still up!

Next, we'll be saying goodbye to our farm-house style table legs and replacing them with more modern table legs to give more leg-room to our taller diners.  We love our antique cotton cart table tops, so we'll keep those.  The look won't change much, but the comfort level will go way up for our diners who need more room. 

The last big change this week will be the addition of 4 booths!   Phillip has designed & custom-built booths to fit our unique tables, and we are having them upholstered this week.  We hope that ya'll will find them comfortable and cozy.   If they prove to be popular, we'll have more exciting changes coming around the corner...

All of these changes are inspired by YOU, our diners.  We appreciate your patronage and your feedback, and we hope to see you soon! 

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or just drop in! 
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